As we are constantly developing our service, soon our integration will get some changes.

The only thing you would need to do – just get Access Token and connect your integration again.

Here how you can get your Access Token in relevant integrations:

Redmine Access Token

1) Click the Administration link in the header

2) Click the ‘Settings’ link in the menu

3) Click the ‘Authentication’ tab

4) Check the ‘Enable REST web service’ checkbox and save changes

5) Go to your account page and generate an API access key

Jira Cloud Token

1) Go to ‘Account Settings’ page

2) Select the ‘Security’ tab and click the ‘Create and manage API tokens’ link

3) Click ‘Create API Token’ button and create a token

YouTrack Access Token

1) Go to the Profile page

2) Click the ‘Update personal information and manage logins’ link on the ‘General’ tab

3) Select the ‘Authentication’ tab and click the ‘New token’ button

If you’ll need assistance on this topic – say us “hello” support@testcaselab.com

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