I hope you’re having a great week.

We’ve released new features that you asked us about:

+ Assign users to ‘view only’ project role;
+ Add multiple test plans while creating the test run;
+ Use the full-screen mode for editing Test Cases;
+ Use filtering properties to URL to share the custom search result;
+ Archive test plans or test runs to keep your desk clean.

1) Sometimes you want users not to do any actions in the project except viewing the test cases, test plans or test runs.
So we’ve added a new project ‘Viewer’ role with only view permission.
We commend our lovely clients Anna, Nikita, Hiro and Rich for their ideas.

2) Now you have the ability to add multiple test plans while creating the test run. We think it will come in handy!

️️ 3) Have a big picture while working with details – now you can work with the test case in full-screen mode and focus only on the data related to it.

4) Copy the URL with all the filter properties applied and share it with your team members.
We commend our lovely client Chinna Raj for his idea.

️️5) Have multiple test plans or test runs that aren’t in use and you don’t want to delete them? Can’t find needed active test runs or plans between all of them?
This new feature of archiving test plans and runs exactly for you!
You can easily hide non-active test plans or test runs from the list by clicking the ‘Archive’ button.
⏰ They won’t be deleted and be displayed in the separate archived list where you can find them later.

⁉️ What will happen next?

It depends on you!

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